Kjerag Cafe & Restaurant - Eagles nest
Kjerag Cafe & Restaurant - Eagles nest

This cafe / restaurant has stunning views of the cliffs 640 meters above Lysbotn, at the end of the Lysefjord, one of the pearls of Fjord Norway. There is a viewing platform outside, and seats at the windows inside. The parking lot here is the start of the trip to the famous Kjeragbolten - and a wonderful view down Lysefjord near Nesatind

Open from 20th May.
  • Stunning view
  • Unique location


In our restaurant located at 640 meters above the fjord, we can in addition to stunning views serve many good hot and cold dishes. We serve obviously also something good to drink - we have all beverage rights.

 All  rights
Olavs Pub & Bistro
Olavs Pub & Bistro

Olav's Pub & Bistro is a cozy little place where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in stunning surroundings. We love good music and plays varied in our Pub in the evening. A multitude of different nationalities and the secluded location ensures that you get a unique experience with us. We welcome you to us for a refreshing visit.
  • Simple and good food